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This Is It!! The site for everything STOUT.
Those of you wondering what's here? What's this site about? Well, It's pretty simple, ANYTHING WE WANT IT TO BE. That's what. You, the family members, are what is going to make this site into whatever it becomes. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Great! So you're now wondering how to contribute right? You know you want to! Just email ideas, pictures, drawings, whatever you want to me. HAVE NEWS TO SHARE? Lets say you have a family get together coming up... Just type up what's on your mind just how you want it and I'll convert it to HTML(web page format) and post it right up here for ya! Be sure and look at the guidelines page. Some tips to protect privacy. One thing right off leave out Addresses and phone numbers. If I find them, they will be erased from the article. No need giving away your address after all. Though we may be the only ones who see these pages, why risk strangers getting address and phone number info.

That said, there is not much here yet. Please help, and enjoy the page.

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