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Clearly this is the first place to look If you have questions. If it has been asked before you'll find it here. If your question isn't here and we will try and answer it.

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Q. What is the sponsored thing all about?
A. Each year we must pay an $11 fee to own the name Instead of trying to collect a few dollars from everyone, it is hoped someone new each year will be willing to pay the fee. That person will be the sponsor for the year.

Q. Can a person sponsor multiple years?
A. Sure just let me know.

Q. Why the restrictions on address and phone numbers?
A. When the site was originally designed password and Email protection was not thought possible. We may loosen up on these restrictions. At least make it more your decision. The original reason was though we may be the only ones aware of this page. other people might stumble on it. Privacy is important.

Q. I have a great idea for the site!
A. Good Email or Call me, and we can try and add it.

Q. What gives, I'm a member of another branch, Wayne, Glen, John, why Isn't any of our family represented?
A. We thought it best to work out the kinks on a small scale First. You are welcome to join us though. Send me a message.

Q. Can I rewrite the page on my family, or just change a few things?
A. Sure After all It's your page. I couldn't leave it blank though! You are welcome to add, remove, or change any pictures I may have used.

Q. Who or what is this web master guy?
A. A Web master runs and maintains a web site. In this case Brian

Q. What's with the ad up at the top?
A. Though we paid for the name I opted for free hosting hence the ad. our host has plans as cheap as $7 a month or a plan for $25 a year, but we figured no one would be willing to pay. And yes there are advantages and extra stuff to paying for hosting.

Q. This page is great how did you do all this?
A. Lots of hard work of HTML coding! If you want to see some HTML right click and select view source. Theresa used photoshop to make the background art.

Q. I've read posting E-mail addresses on web pages is not safe, and causes spam. Is it true And Am I safe?
A. There is some truth to this, However you are safe here. Your Email is coded into a little bit of javascript that hides it from spambots. Use view source on your family's page to get an idea how it looks. Secondly. We are noy listed with ANY search engine. The web hardly knows we are here.

Q. If this is a REAL website, can't you give me a Email address?
A. Actually yes, but the current setup only allows 1 address that I use for the site. Onestop offers plans where we could all have adresses.

Q. What binifits are there to a pay plan?
A. Besides Email, the website would be far more interactive. Everyone could contribute to pages like recepes, without having to email the content first. If you so desired we could add better password protection, and more.

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